New Year Reflection

It\’s My Birthday!


Today is January 2nd, 2020 and it is my 39th Birthday. I won\’t be cliche and say new year, new me. The person I am today started changing months ago. To document this change, I wanted to write a New Year reflection to discuss my past year, personal, blog and business goals.

Past Year Reflection


For the last few months I have been working on growing spiritually, mentally and financially. I have been doing this through reading several self help books, watching sermons and seminars on YouTube as well blocking out any forms of negativity and anything else that drains my energy. I have learned that protecting my energy and peace is a form of self-care that I want to prioritize.

I know while going through this process I have shut a lot of people out. Some couldn\’t understand the growth and peace, I was seeking while others were supportive and took the journey with me. I noticed as time went on, I was able to focus more. I was able to see what was right in front of me. I slowed down and realized I haven\’t been taking care of me.


I am not sure how I got through the last 4 months. All I can do is thank God for continuously blessing even when I don\’t deserve it. My goal is to be spiritually full everyday all day. That is when I am most happy.

I began feeling spiritually full after stumbling across the Crazy Faith Series by Transformation Church. Every week a new sermon is posted as part of the series. If you have time, check out the video below and I promise it will change your life. It has change my friend and I so much that we have talked about relocating just so we can attend Transformation Church.

New Year Reflection

I was moved to write this New Year Reflection post as accountability for myself. It is also is self care birthday The last 3 years, I have been slacking in my business as well as with this blog. I was inconsistent and continuously procrastinating.


I will be changing all of that this year. I am taking a long overdue leap of faith. I will be blogging more and launching a new business that I have had in the works for the past year. Thanks to Sarah Jakes Roberts for snatching me up. I am going back for the favor I left on the table. I posted the video below in case, you want to be snatched up too.

I am going back to face my fear. I now accept that my blog won\’t be perfect. I will learn to write and find my voice as time goes on. My photos won\’t look professional but they will look intentional and give you all a glimpse of my view. I may not sell out during my business launch. What matters is that I launched. As I go back, I things are becoming clearer. I am beginning to have the clarity, I have been praying for. I am writing things down and making them plain as God has told us to do. The more I write the more focus I am becoming.


Personal Goals

  1. Read the Bible 15 minutes everyday
  2. Become financially stable (Budgeting is not my strength)
  3. Save $5000 By December 2020
  4. I will Hang out with friends once a month
  5. Sew 4 items for myself a month
  6. Lose 30lbs

Blog Goals

  1. Use and stick to a content calendar
  2. I will Blog once a week
  3. Heavily promote new posts across social media
  4. Grow mailing list to 600 subscribers
  5. Grow Instagram followers by 5,000

Business Goals

  1. Sell 30-40 items a month
  2. Make $3000 a month
  3. Collaborations with other business
  4. Launch a new business
  5. Find two more streams of income

Thank you for stopping by Blooming Skies to read my blog! You have brightened my day!


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